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1. What is the maximum bits of a Class C address can be used for subnet?


2. In OSPF, which of the following statements are incorrect regarding Router LSA generated by Router A?


3. Which of the attributes must exist in the BGP Update messages?


4. Besides an IPv4 address, a router distinguisher (RD) also contains a flag that distinguishes IP routes to the same destination IP address in different VPNs. How many bits are there in the flag?


5. Which statements about OSPF packets are true?


6. What is the function of the peer ignore command?


7. A Notification message with Error Code 2 indicates an error OPEN message. Which of the following error sub-codes can be contained in this OPEN message?


8. Which following BGP attribute can used to define a set of prefixes with the same characteristics?


9. Which of the following character strings matches the regular expression 100$?


10. Which of the following configurations can be performed to implement fast failure detection on a network?


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