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1. Wired copy meter, what is the lowest cost on the wiring?


2. Which port is SoftRadio connected to platform?


3. Which memory management algorithm is supported by Huawei LiteOS?


4. The southbound device sends an AT command to SoftRadio through the serial port. As a result, SoftRadio does not display any information. What are possible causes? (Multiple choice)


5. Which programming language is used by Keil integrated development environment in the examples?


6. Which way is needed to use by GSM band tillage deployment NB-IoT?


7. Which of the following option is not included in the base features of the Huawei LiteOS kernel?


8. Which command is used to add whitelist by AR502EGRc-Lc model gateway?


9. Which of the following description about the northbound application registration directly connected equipment is incorrect?


10. Which of the following standard is used by Huawei IoT gateway 6LoWPAN physical layer technology?


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