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Which of the following is only used for BGP to choose routing? (Multiple choice)


B. IP-prefix

C. AS-path-filter

D. Community-filter

Answer: CD

An existing As-path-filter: ip as-path-filter 1 permit ^ 100 (_100) * (- 400) * $, which AS-PATH attribute can not the As-path-filter match?

A. 100

B. 100 200 900

C. 100 400

D. 100 400 400 400

Answer: B

There is a network composed by router R1, router R2, router R3 and router R4. The four routers are interconnected by a LAN network. All four routers deploy the basic OSPF. When you are executing the command "display ospf peer" on Router 2, you will find the status between Router2 and Router3 is "2-way".

So from this output, what conclusion can you draw? (Multiple choice)

A. the router R2 is DR or BDR

B. router R3 is neither DR, nor the BDR

C. router did not form a full adjacency relationship between R2 and R3 router

D. router R2 is not DR

E. the router R4 is DR

Answer: BCD

In order to improve the security of ISIS protocol, you can configure the authentication in ISIS protocol, there are three authentication methods, namely the interface certification, domain authentication and routing domain authentication.

A. True

B. False

Answer: A

There are two gateway routers providing connecting external networks service for a LAN network’s Host. Which kind of technology should be used on the two redundant routers so that make them as the LAN network’s host’s default gateway?






Answer: D

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