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1. Which statement is true regarding the location of deduplication statistics information?


2. How would an administrator restore data to a different node?


3. To specify the node name for the NAS file server when processing NAS file systems, use the NASNODENAME option on the command line, or place in which file?


4. What are the steps to review the client logs for a particular node from the Operations Center using the client management services?


5. Which statement is true regarding the MOVE NODEDATA command?


6. Which component will need to be updated to adjust the retention policy for a set of backup clients?


7. Which file must be edited to configure Disaster Recovery Manager?


8. What is the purpose of specifying the option ENABLEDEDUPCACHE YES on the client?


9. Which client function allows management of a set of related files on different file systems, that have the same backup, restore, and server policies?


10. What is the purpose of the UPDATE NODE <nodename> BKREPLRULEDEFAULT=<new rule name> server command?


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