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There are 169 questions and answers in Testpassport IBM Certified Specialist C9020-667 exam questions full version. Here, we provide 10 questions for you to test. After you answer one question correctly, you can get 10 points. If you answer all 10 questions correctly, you can get full mark.

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1. A customer wants to implement a software-defined storage solution but has existing leases in competitive storage. Which advantage does IBM SAN Volume Controller have to help the customer move forward with implementation?


2. A client is looking for a solution to store its unstructured archive data Growth is expected to reach petabytes by the end of the year. Performance is not the primary objective, However, the client needs a solution that is scalable, secure, and cost effective.Which storage software should the sales specialist propose?


3. A customer is deploying a new data center and needs a sow-tare-defined storage solution hat provides storage virtualization, management, and archive to tape at the lowest cost per TB. Which solution should the sales specialist recommend?


4. A customer is looking for a cloud-based service that can provide real-time analytics of its IBM Storwize infrastructure. Which offering meets this requirement?


5. A customer wants a public cloud-based storage management solution to monitor, optimize, and report on its IBM and Dell EMC storage infrastructure.Which solution should the sales specialist recommend?


6. What is the easiest way of expanding media capacity on an IBM TS4500 for new workloads?


7. An IBM customer wants to implement a block-only, software-defined storage (SDS) solution based on grid storage design with qualified commodity hardware.Which solution allows the customer to do this?


8. A customer considering adding Real-time Compression software to its installed IBM SAN Volume Controller.Which workload benefits most?


9. A customer needs to create clones of a production database environment to refresh its test and development environments. The production database contains sensitive data, and automated data masking is required.What should IBM Business Partner sales specialist recommend?


10. A customer is looking for a storage solution for its blockchain application. The sales specialist discovers that the customer has a mainframe with CKD that will attach to the storage.Which storage solution should be considered?


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