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There are 63 questions and answers in Testpassport IBM Certified Database Administrator C2090-320 exam questions full version. Here, we provide 10 questions for you to test. After you answer one question correctly, you can get 10 points. If you answer all 10 questions correctly, you can get full mark.

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1. Given a non-partitioned table space TS1 is built with LOCKSIZE ROW, LOCKMAX 1000 and SEGSIZE 64. If a unit of work acquires 1001 locks against table space TS1, the lock will be escalated to which of the following levels?


2. Which of the following are contained in the PLAN_TABLE? (Choose two.)


3. Which privilege will user smith be able to grant to another user on table emp when the following SQL is executed? GRANT ALL ON TABLE emp TO smith WITH GRANT OPTION;


4. Which of the following utilities CANNOT be executed from the DB2 utilities panel in DB2I?


5. Which of the following locking scenarios requires the least amount of real storage in the IRLM address space?


6. Which of the following is NOT TRUE?


7. The DB2 subsystem DSN has been correctly configured to access a remote DB2 location MYREMOTE. Which of the following processes can be used on subsystem DSN to access MYUSER.EMP table at MYREMOTE location?


8. Which of the following elements is affected by a ROLLBACK statement?


9. Which statement is TRUE regarding ROLLBACK processing?


10. Which of the following SQL constructs does NOT provide information about the success or failure of the SQL statement that was just executed?


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