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1. Which of the following is important when considering regular call center operations?


2. You need to troubleshoot your Best Service Routing (BSR) polling vectors to verify that they are operating as intended.Which command do you use to do this?


3. To improve call handling and agent productivity you set up a vector using Look Ahead Interflow to check if the remote site can accept a call and has an agent available. You only want to interflow calls that are at the top two positions queue.Which command would be entered in the vector to accomplish this?


4. Which two vector variable types are strictly global in scope? (Choose two.)


5. You need to troubleshoot Best Service Routing (BSR) vectors for multi-site routing to verify that they are operating as intended.Which command would you use to do this?


6. A call center where agents handles customers with account numbers is using Call Center Elite. The call center wants to offer a survey to customers who complete their tasks to determine the level of service they have received.What feature would you suggest the call center offers a survey to the people who have called?


7. Which vector object can replace the Time of day (TOD) global Vector Variable?


8. A customer wants to configure their call center for emergencies.What action would you advise the call center supervisor to use to configure an alternate call path in case of a disaster?


9. What property of the SET command makes the command unique when dealing with variables?


10. Which operator of the SET command allows you to check number validation in dialed strings using Luhn’s algorithm?


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