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1. A customer with Avaya Aura? Call Center Elite Multichannel wants the users that share a common department to share profile characteristics. Each user sits at the same desk every day.What would be an efficient way of accomplishing this requirement?


2. A customer wants to change the properties of an application.Which server would the customer use to communicate with the Central repository for all the applications?


3. The configuration server manager adds agents and supervisors to the Avaya Aura? Call Center Elite Multichannel Database.In which database are these details stored?


4. What is required for a customer to create an ASMSControl database?


5. A Configuration Client accepts command line parameters that dictate where it retrieves information for the desktop applications.What are three possible information sources? (Choose three.)


6. Which scope is defined by the time of day variable?


7. A customer with Avaya Aura? Call Center Elite Multichannel is ready to Install and configure Elite Multichannel Reporting.Which step must be performed first?


8. Which statement about real-time reports is true?


9. Which database does the Elite Multichannel Reporting application use to store tasks?


10. A customer with Avaya Aura? Call Center Elite Multichannel manages the tasks associated with scheduled reports through the reporting application.What is an alternative location for managing scheduled tasks?


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