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There are 59 questions and answers in Testpassport VMware vRealize Operations 2017 Specialist 2VB-602 exam questions full version. Here, we provide 10 questions for you to test. After you answer one question correctly, you can get 10 points. If you answer all 10 questions correctly, you can get full mark.

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1. What are three actions that are managed in the Policies section of vRealize Operations? (Choose three.)


2. Which out of the box Profile VM size can be used in a capacity project? (Choose the best answer.)


3. What are the possible roles that can be assigned when deploying a vRealize Operations appliance? (Choose the best answer.)


4. There are a few alerts in the Alerts Screen for host connectivity. These are currently being addressed by the networking team.How would a user clear these alerts temporarily from the active list without cancelling them? (Choose the best answer.)


5. To configure the VMware vSphere management pack, a connection to a vCenter server must be made. What are the minimum privileges for the collection user? (Choose the best answer.)


6. A user is attempting to troubleshoot a cluster the predefined dashboards.Which dashboard provides information about the virtual machines that generated the highest IOPS and network throughput during the last week for a given cluster? (Choose the best answer.)


7. Once a super metric is created, what is required in order for it to be calculated and available for use? (Choose the best answer.)


8. Which is the name of the file that can be created to contain property values for agents to use during deployment? (Choose the best answer.)


9. Endpoint Operations agent installs require a vROps account with which permission? (Choose the best answer.)


10. Which three authentication sources can be configured within vRealize Operations? (Choose three.)


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