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1. An installment meets all of the selection criteria of a Payment Process Request but it still did not get selected for payment processing. Identify two reasons for this.


2. You are using the Payable’s Deferred Expense feature (also known as Multiperiod Accounting). You have entered an invoice for a three-month lease that is entered on Jan 10th. The total expense is $12,000 and it covers the rental period from Jan 1st to mar 31st.Assuming that the rental expenses are split evenly per month and a monthly accounting calendar is used, what would the accounting entry be?


3. Which statement is correct if the payment terms entered in the invoice differ from the payment terms on the purchase order?


4. Which two setups are required to ensure the same tax is applied on both intercompany payable and receivable invoice?


5. You want your expense auditors to audit only expenses reports for specific business units. How do you do this?


6. The payment build program has completed but with errors.When submitting the payment process request, which processing option is used to review the error messages from the Manage Payment Process Request Inquiry?


7. You want to have an invoice line automatically distributed across multiple cost centers. For example, you want your monthly utility bill allocated across multiple cost centers based on a percentage. Select two methods to achieve this.


8. Which two statements are true when you are using the Intercompany Reconciliation Process?


9. What happens if a company runs the Payables Unaccounted Transactions Sweep program for February 2016 if the invoices with a Hold status have an invoice date of January 20, 2016?


10. Your intercompany transaction type is active and enabled for invoicing. What are the two prerequisites to generate intercompany receivables and intercompany payable transactions after the Generate Intercompany Allocations process is run?


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