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1. In order to increase scalability and high availability you are configuring WebLogic clustering with JMS distributed destinations.Which recommendation will ensure optimal load balancing of the message processing?


2. You are concerned with messages being received systematically. You designed Message-Driven beans (MDB) to guarantee the most reliable way to consume messages.In which three scenarios would JMS always redeliver a message? (Choose three.)


3. In your production environment, you have deployed an application that is accessing a registered Java EE shared library as well as an application deployment plan. In addition, both the library and the application annotations for some of their configuration properties. You are attempting to understand the current state of the properties that have been used in this deployment.From greatest to least, what is the correct order of precedence that is used by WebLogic Server when applying configuration properties during deployment? (Choose the best answer.)


4. My JMS Server uses a persistent file store. I need to ensure that the size of the persistent store does not exceed 1GB.Which option can I use to configure this? (Choose the best answer.)


5. My domain consists of an administration server and two managed servers. During runtime, my administration server has crashed and I wish to start the managed servers in MSI mode.Which two files need to be copied from the admin server to the managed servers when starting them in this mode? (Choose two.)


6. Your domain is experiencing some intermittent problems that you are not able to figure out on your own. You have opened a case with Oracle Support to help you figure out the problem. The support engineer would like to use the WebLogic Diagnostic Framework (WLDF) to obtain an overall view of your WebLogic Server environment to try to narrow the problem to a particular subsystem.What WLDF data does the support engineer request from you? (Choose the best answer.)


7. You are creating a Domain Template to simplify the process of deploying a domain across multiple hosts.Which five types of information can be included in a Domain Template? (Choose five.)


8. I want to configure automatic migration of pinned services from an unhealthy server to another target in the cluster. I wish to configure consensus leasing for this purpose.Which two statements are true in this scenario? (Choose two.)


9. You are implementing leasing functionality within your environment to ensure exclusive ownership of a cluster-wide entity.Which type of leasing requires that Node Manager is configured and running? (Choose the best answer.)


10. Your developers have decided to use a deployment plan with their applications that will be deployed by WebLogic administrators into one or more WebLogic Server production environments.Which two primary goals can be accomplished by leveraging a deployment plan? (Choose two.)


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