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1. Which three statements are true about Automatic Hard Disk Scrubbing and repair on high-capacity storage servers in an X5 Database Machine?


2. You plan to migrate a database supporting an OLTP workload to your new X5 Database Machine.The current database instance supports a large number of short duration sessions and a very high volume of short transactions.Which three X5 Database Machine features can improve performance for this type of workload?


3. Your X6 Exadata Database Machine is running Oracle Database 12c, and has a large database with some very large tables supporting OLTP workloads.High-volume insert applications and high-volume update workloads access the same tables.You wish to compress these tables without causing unacceptable performance overheads to the OLTP workload.Which three are true regarding this requirement?


4. You plan to migrate a database supporting both DSS and OLTP workloads to your new X5 Database machine.The workloads contain many complex aggregating functions and expensive joins on large partitioned tables in the DSS workload and indexed access for OLTP workloads.Which three benefits accrue as a result of this migration?


5. Which four are true about Exadata features?


6. Which two must be true for a Smart Scan to occur on a table?


7. Which three must be true for a Smart Scan to occur for a table?


8. A file contains a script with several EXACLI commands that must be executed on each cell in an X5 full rack.The script must run on each cell simultaneously.How would you achieve this?


9. Which two options should be used to identify a damaged or failing flash card on an X6 Database Machine high-capacity storage server?


10. Which three statements are true about the EXADCLI utility?


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