Test Huawei HCNP Security H12-722(H12-722-ENU) Exam Questions

There are 170 questions and answers in Testpassport Huawei HCNP Security H12-722(H12-722-ENU) Exam Questions full version. Here, we provide 10 questions for you to test. After you answer one question correctly, you can get 10 points. If you answer all 10 questions correctly, you can get full mark.

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1. Configure the following command on the Huawei firewall:
[USG] interface G0/0/1
[USG] ip urpf loose allow-default-route acl 3000
Which of the following options are correct? (Multiple choice)


2. For APT attacks, attackers often lurk for a long time and initiate formal attacks on the enterprise at key points of the incident. APT attacks can generally be summarized in four stages:
1. Collect Information & Invasion
2. Long-term latency & mining
3. Data leakage
4. Remote control and penetration
Which of the following options is correct regarding the ordering of these four phases?


3. When the two-way SSL function is used to decrypt the HTTPS data packet, the value of the reverse proxy series represents the number of times which the data packet can be decrypted.


4. In the construction of information security, the intrusion detection system plays a role as a monitor. Through monitoring the traffic of critical nodes in the information system, it conducts in-depth analysis and explores the security events that are taking place. Which of the following are its characteristics?


5. There are the following steps in the storage XSS attack
①The attacker hijacked the user session
②Attacker submits issues with known JavaScript
③user login
④User Request Attacker Problem
⑤Server responds to attacker’s JavaScript
⑥User’s browser sends session token to attacker
⑦Attacker’s JavaScript is executed in the user’s browser
Which of the following options is correct for the ordering of these steps?


6. The virus signature database on the device needs to be continuously upgraded from the security center platform. Which of the following is the URL of the security center platform?


7. An enterprise administrator configures a web reputation website in the form of a domain name and configures the domain name as www.abc.example.com.Which of the following is an entry that the firewall will match when looking for a website URL?


8. After the data file hits the whitelist of the firewall anti-virus module, the firewall will no longer do virus detection on the file.


9. What content can be filtered by the content filtering technology of Huawei USG6000? (Multiple choice)


10. If you combine security defenses with big data technologies, which of the following statements is correct? (Multiple choice)


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