Test Huawei HCNA-Cloud Service H13-811(H13-811-ENU) Exam Questions

There are 222 questions and answers in Testpassport Huawei HCNA-Cloud Service H13-811(H13-811-ENU) Exam Questions full version. Here, we provide 10 questions for you to test. After you answer one question correctly, you can get 10 points. If you answer all 10 questions correctly, you can get full mark.

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1. Which of the following security protection mechanisms are for Workspace? (Multiple choices)


2. During the process of VPC creation, which parameter implements automatic IP acquisition?


3. Workspace support 3D applications, which of the following devices need to configure?


4. Application security, as an important component of cloud security services, guarantees the security of flexible cloud computing servers and cloud computing applications running in them from the perspective of operating system and application security protection.


5. Compared to self-built database, which one is not an RDS advantage?


6. Which of the following is the procedure for using CCE?


7. From which perspectives does the SSA (Security Situation Awareness Service) analyze security posture? (Multiple choices)


8. What are the types of elastic scaling policy? (Multiple Choice)


9. After the ECS is successfully created, the used bandwidth cannot be modified once it is determined.


10. What are the important functions of the IKE protocol? (Multiple Choice)


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