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i just pass nortel 920-362 exam with testpassport nortel 920-362 exam dumps, now i share some testpassport 920-362 exam dumps

7. At a customer site, you installed a Communication Server (CS) 1000 Rls. 6.0 SA Co-Res system with
the following CS 1000 applications. Call Server, Signaling Server, Element Manager, Network Routing
Service Manager, and Subscriber Manager. Upon accessing Subscriber Manager, information regarding
the System ID is displayed on the screen and you’re not able to navigate the Subscriber Manager web
page. Which task is required next before you can navigate and manage the Subscriber Manager
A.Copy and Paste the system ID information and create a new Subscriber Manager certificate within the
UCM Private Certificate Authority.
B.Copy and Paste the system ID information to the Nortel.com Keycode Retrieval System to generate a
license file.
C.Export the system ID as an XML file and distribute the file to the CS 1000 Element Managers as a
trusted application.
D.Export the system ID as an XML file and synchronize the file information with the customer’s LDAP
8. From which two parts is the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) composed and in what order must
they be configured?
A.first the host name and then the domain name
B.first the domain name and then the host name
C.first the COTS server IP address and then the port number
D.first the COTS server port number and then the IP address


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