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Huawei HCNA-Cloud H13-511 exam questions have been updated, which contain 229 questions and answers. Huawei H13-511 HCNA-Cloud-BCCP exam covers basic cloud computing technologies, configuration, and maintenance, includes cloud computing theory, key cloud computing technologies, and others. Share some H13-511 exam questions below.

Host storage virtualization layer + file system” this kind storage form, the virtual machine templates should be put on which layer of the storage model?
A. File System
B. generic block layer
C. device driver layer
D. Physical Layer
Answer: A

The following description about storage virtualization concept, which is not correct?
A. storage virtualization is to join A logical layer on storage devices, access the logical resources through the logic layer
B. For administrators, you can easily adjust the storage resources, improve storage utilization
C. storage virtualization, only has the “naked equipment + Logical Volume” this one implementation
D. for the end user, the centralized storage devices can provide better performance and ease of use
Answer: C

Huawei HCNA-Cloud H13-511 Exam Questions Share

Huawei virtualization software, support which of the following several kinds of storage form?
(Select three Answers)
A. naked equipment + logical volumes
B. storage virtualization
C. the host storage virtualization layer + The file system
D. naked equipment + file system
Answer: A B C

Network virtualization is mainly to solve computing virtualized network communication problems.
Answer: A

Which of the following virtual switching technology is implemented on the server?
Answer: B

H13-511 exam is a required test for Huawei HCNA-Cloud Certification. You have 90 minutes to complete the test. The required passing score of Huawei H13-511 exam is 600. Testpassport provides the latest Huawei HCNA-Cloud H13-511 exam questions, which are valuable in your preparation.



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