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Share some Linux+ LX0-103 exam questions and answers below.
Topic 1, System Architecture

Which SysV init configuration file should be modified to disable the ctrl-alt-delete key combination?

A. /etc/keys

B. /proc/keys

C. /etc/inittab

D. /proc/inittab

E. /etc/reboot

Answer: C

What of the following statements are true regarding /dev/ when using udev? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

A. Entries for all possible devices get created on boot even if those devices are not connected.

B. Additional rules for udev can be created by adding them to /etc/udev/rules.d/.

C. When using udev, it is not possible to create block or character devices in /dev/ using mknod.

D. The /dev/ directory is a filesystem of type tmpfs and is mounted by udev during system startup.

E. The content of /dev/ is stored in /etc/udev/dev and is restored during system startup.

Answer: B, D

Which of the following commands will write a message to the terminals of all logged in users?

A. bcast

B. mesg

C. print

D. wall

E. yell

Answer: D

What can the Logical Volume Manager (LVM) be used for? (Choose THREE correct answers.)

A. To create RAID 9 arrays.

B. To dynamically change the size of logical volumes.

C. To encrypt logical volumes.

D. To create snapshots.

E. To dynamically create or delete logical volumes.

Answer: B, D, E

Topic 2, Linux Installation and Package Management

After modifying GNU GRUB’s configuration file, which command must be run for the changes to take effect?

A. kill -HUP $(pidof grub)

B. grub-install

C. grub

D. No action is required

Answer: D

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