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Share some HCDA H12-211-ENU exam questions and answers below.
When the specified interface running at RIPv2 multicast mode, which of the following statement is correct? ( ) (Select 2 answers)

A. receive only RIPv2 multicast messages

B. does not receive RIPv1 broadcast messages

C. receive RIPv1 broadcast messages

D. RIPv1 receive multicast messages

Answer: AB

As shown, which of the following description is correct about the frame relay network equipment?( ) (select 2 answers)

A. RTA is a DTE device

B. FRA is a DTE device

C. FRB is a DCE device

D. S1/0/1 interface on the RTA is DCE interface

Answer: AC

On a router to act as an authentication server configured with two authentication domain "Area 1" and "Area 2", if the user using the correct user name "huawei" and the password "hello" for authentication, then which authentication domain will the user be assigned to ?

A. authentication domain "Area l"

B. authentication domain "Area 2"

C. authentication domain "default domain"

D. authentication domain "default_admin domain"

Answer: C

Which of the following analysis about ICMP packets is true? ( ) (Multiple choice)

A. ICMP packets can record the time, including the original time, receipt time, transmission time

B. ICMP packets are encapsulated in IP packets, not through transport layer encapsulation

C. ICMP packets containing ICMP error packets, control packets, request/response packets, refresh packets

D. ICMP protocol does not support redirection function

E. ICMP packets can not be used to detect the path MTU

Answer: AB

<Huawei> system-View

[Huawei] user-interface console 0

[Huawei-ui-console0] user privilege level 15

[Huawei-ui-console0] authentication-mode password

[Huawei-ui-console0] set authentication password cipher huawei2012

[Huawei-ui-console0] quit

Which of the following statements about the above configuration commands is wrong?

A. administrators want to login and manage equipment through the console port

B. after configuration is complete, the administrator cannot implement the equipment management through remote login way

C. the users who login the equipment through the console had the highest privilege level

D. the users login the equipment through the console, whose password is "cipher huawei2012"

Answer: D

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