2018 New | Oracle Identity Management 1Z0-339 exam questions

1Z0-339 exam objectives are as follows:
Oracle Identity Governance Fundamentals
Approval Workflow
Access Policies
Access Certification

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Share some Identity Management 1Z0-339 exam questions and answers below.
Which three role definitions can be provided to a user after he or she is assigned an admin role? (Choose three.)
A. Entity Catalog Administrator
B. Entity Administrator
C. Entity Authorizer
D. Entity Reader
E. Entity Role Authorizer
F. Entity Viewer
Answer: A,B,C

During an OIM UI customization process, you have a current sandbox (name: IdM_UIcompany1) running in production. You must test the new custom interface developed internally. You imported and updated the sandbox (name: IdM_UIcompany1). After several tests, you found some minor user experience issues that were not reported during QA. You Want to roll back to your previous sandbox but you are not able to accomplish that task.Identify the correct statement.
A. Log in to the Weblogic admin console, look for OIM ADF components, delete the new sandbox, and restart OIM.
B. The old sandbox has been stored as IdM_UIcompany1. backup after the import process. You must import the backup file to restore previous configuration.
C. Any available sandbox with the same name is overwritten by the imported sandbox.
D. Both sandboxes have been merged and you can’t restore the previous configuration.
Answer: C

User1 has delegated her UNIX HR production access privileges in OPAM to User2 during her time off. User2 has been informed that he would be working on a new project the following week after User1 left. To keep SOD, he decides to delegate the same privileges to User2. Later, he removes these access privileges from his list.Now User2 needs the access restored but User1 or even User3 are available.How can he claim back those privileges?
A. Request access through OIM catalog. Because the privilege was originally delegated by User1, the request requires Userr1’s manager’s approval.
B. Request access through OIM catalog. Because the privilege was originally delegated by User1, the request will be automatically approved.
C. He can’t remove a delegated access privilege. He would be ableto reach the targets even if he can’t see them within his ACL.
D. The only workaround for a removed delegated privilege is to have it redelegated.
Answer: B

As part of a customer requirement for a particular test environment, you have disabled workflow support for Oracle Identity Manager 11g Release 2 PS3. You need to test some disconnected application instances. You realize that manual fulfillment is not working for this type of instance.Select the correct statement.
A. Manual fulfillment tasks for disconnected application instances do not work when workflow is turned off. Provisioning operations for disconnected application instances will fail.
B. You must allow disconnected application instance support without approval workflow from the system administration console.
C. Disconnected application instances must be re-created without approval workflow support.
D. Oracle Identity Manager Weblogic instance must be restarted after disabling core functions such as approval workflows.
Answer: A

Your customer reports duplicate account creation and the status unexpectedly getting changed along with various data corruption issues resulting due to duplicate processing. They are using push-based connectors to process reconciliation using the processReconciliationEvent API.How can you fix this issue?
A. Check if related batches are in the Ready For Processing statue by using the following statement:select rb_batch_status, rb_note from recon_batches whererb_batch_status = ‘Ready For Processing’ and rj_key = JOB_ID_ON_UI.
B. Set the reconciliation batch size (batchSize parameter) to 0 in the reconciliation profile of the affected resource object.
C. Perform reconciliation twice if the size of the data is large.
D. Modify the field length of these columns from the console and then re-create the recon profile.
Answer: B

A user authenticated using Oracle Access Management Console is redirected to the Oracle Identity Manager login page to enter his or her credentials.Identify two reasons for this (Choose two.)
A. The Oracle Virtual Directory adapters are not configured correctly.
B. OAMIDAsserter is not configured correctly in Oracle WebLogic Server.
C. The security providers for the OIM domain are not configured correctly in Oracle WebLogic Server.
D. A config issue in oam-config.xml is causing this.
Answer: C,D

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